Posted by Bruce Marson on Jun 26, 2024 2:48:23 PM

EES employees like to play as hard as we work! A couple of us wanted to experience life in the fast lane, so we took a trip to Dover motor Speedway for a Nascar experience.

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Keeping the Creep out of your BMS

Posted by Daniel F Luna, P. E. on Mar 5, 2024 10:57:11 AM

Schedules are at the very heart of most modern Building Management Systems (BMS). They tell when a particular tenant space or common space is to be “on” or “off”.   Clearly, tailoring the “on” time to match as closely as possible the actual occupancy is the way to shave off waste.

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EES 2023 Holiday Party

Posted by EES on Dec 13, 2023 12:57:09 PM

The EES team truly embraced the holiday spirit with enthusiasm and festive cheer. Our holiday celebration was nothing short of spectacular, filled with delectable dishes, drinks, and heartwarming moments with family. After the speeches were done and the group photo was taken, we shared champagne and cake to welcome our new team members.  

The banquet featured succulent turkey and the prime rib took center stage, complemented by an array of sides and extras that catered to all tastes and preferences. The culinary team went above and beyond to ensure that every dish was a masterpiece, making the evening even more memorable.

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Engineered Energy Solutions and Integrated Control Solutions Merger: Broadening Expertise in Building Automation and Control Systems for Enhanced Client Services

Posted by Bruce Marson on Nov 15, 2023 11:48:39 AM

Engineered Energy Solutions (EES) merges operations with Integrated Control Solutions (ICS) to drive excellence and client support in the design, engineering and installation of energy efficient automation and control systems for the commercial building and transportation sectors.

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Dehumidification Optimizations Using Waste Heat Recovery

Posted by Daniel F Luna, P. E. on Oct 23, 2023 1:53:00 PM

Save on energy resources by utilizing a heat-recovery chiller or DX compressors

Running an air handler in “dehumidification” mode tends to be a resource hog. First, you are using a lot of chilled water to *squeeze* the ever-living-moisture out of the air, then you have to reheat it to make the air temperature comfortable. A double expenditure of energy: cooling and heating.

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Optimizing BMS Air-Side Economizers for Colder Weather: Harnessing Nature for Chilled Water Cost Savings

Posted by Daniel F Luna, P. E. on Oct 12, 2023 2:43:44 PM

Utilizing air-side economizers during the cooler seasons can significantly reduce chilled water costs by leveraging outside air for cooling, offering substantial energy savings for businesses in temperate climates.

As we slip into fall, our thoughts turn to pumpkin spice.  Our air-side economizers – a duct and damper arrangement with a control system that enables the heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) system – however, think about saving chilled water costs.  If we can lower load for the chiller, we can save money due to less energy being used. If the outside air is cool and dry enough, we can open an economizer and let nature do the job instead of using the chilled water coil.  It also usually has the benefit of changing the air more quickly than during the winter or summer seasons.  

Less chilled water pumping also lowers the energy needed to move the water around. We control the differential pressure of the chilled water by slowing down the chilled water pump via a variable frequency drive (VFD), and less load raises the differential pressure.  The tower also must do less work because there is less heat rejected out to it, so the fans run slower.  This saves tower make-up water as well: less evaporation, less water needed.

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Get to Know the Team: Bruce Marson

Posted by Lisa Marson on Sep 13, 2023 11:59:13 AM

Different jobs require different types of disciplines.  Not just in the academic sense, but in the practical sense.   Ask any good musician how they got that way and they will tell you practice, patience and tenacity will get you where you want to be.  Similar traits that transfer over to the controls engineering world.  There is a reason that the back of EES' business card reads “experience, something you get right after you need it”.

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Twenty-Two Years Ago Today

Posted by Bruce Marson on Sep 11, 2023 6:00:00 AM

On September 11, 2001, EES lost a good client. We had the control system on the central chilled water plant at the World Trade Center. EES was scheduled for service at the site that day, but was postponed due to a hang-up on the purchase order, fortunately our visit was re-scheduled, to never. We knew many of the operators, some of whom stayed at their posts when the building went down.

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EES Maximizes Efficiency in Water-Cooled VRF Equipment

Posted by Daniel F Luna, P. E. on Sep 7, 2023 12:51:08 PM

How Optimizing Variable Refrigerant Flow Cooling Systems can Save Building Managers on Energy Usage

EES is very active with several Variable Refrigerant Flow, VRF, cooling systems’ manufacturers. In this article the condenser-water optimization on Samsung equipment will be discussed.

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New Orleans 2023 CSIA Executive Conference

Posted by Peter Moskal on Aug 7, 2023 12:33:34 PM

Vice President of Production Peter Moskal summarizes his journey along with the rest of the EES team at the 2023 Control System Integrators Association Executive Conference in New Orleans, LA.

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