EES’ PROCOS™ Makes Clients Successful

Posted by EES on Dec 14, 2020 8:34:10 AM

EES blog PROCOSPROCOS™ is a proprietary design methodology developed by EES to create and implement a best-fit control solution for clients’ building management systems (BMS). Developed and tested over decades in a wide variety of industries, this process has been applied to dozens of large-scale projects, including Dubai Healthcare City’s District Cooling Plant Automation, a Building Management System for a New York City insurance company headquarters, and a Pharmaceutical HVAC BMS for an R&D laboratory facility.

What is PROCOS™?

The PROCOS™ acronym stands for PROgrammable Chiller Optimization System. EES engineers use the PROCOS™ process to synthesize a custom control solution designed for a client’s specific application, taking into account factors which would likely be overlooked by an off-the-shelf cookie-cutter solution.

One of the benefits of the PROCOS™ methodology is that it always has a backup plan. EES designs all control systems to check for and recognize a system failure and initiate the backup system to work around the problem and keep the process going. After a failure, the system triggers an alarm to inform the operator of the problem and what must be done to get the situation under control. To learn more about the PROCOS™ system safeguards, read our article, EES “Domino Theory” of Automated Equipment.

PROCOS™ systems help clients solve costly issues such as:

  • High utility bills
  • Problems with operation – comfort temperature, relative humidity, drafts, etc.
  • Carbon footprint – employee/tenant complaints concerning how the building owner can help reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Check out this blog post for EES’ tally of how EES is helping to save the planet and the CO2 counter on our home page.
  • Service costs – excessive client spending on service contractors to keep the facility running and keep operating staff educated on the operation of the facility
  • Safety/cleanliness – making sure the facility is safe, clean, and well documented for inside and outside personnel

Return on Investment

Often what drives new projects is a building manager’s desire to lower costly utility bills. By providing EES with some basic information such as details of the existing control system, cost of outside maintenance service, copies of utility bills, spec sheets on BMS equipment (chillers, pumps, cooling towers, etc.), our engineers calculate the potential savings and ROI that can be harvested with the installation of a PROCOS™ system.

EES is uniquely qualified to produce major savings for clients:

  • History – we’ve been implementing systems for more than 40 years
  • Project successes – 82% of our clients bring additional projects to EES
  • Remote monitoring – ensuring normal efficiency and operations, taking action if issues arise
  • Personnel – our staff understands that clients are the lifeblood of our business
  • Differentiation – our operating principles differentiate us from our competitors

PROCOS™ is one of many valuable tools our engineers use to optimize new and existing equipment in building management systems. Please CONTACT US to find out how we can help you lower your operating costs while also reducing your organization’s carbon footprint.

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