EES Helps Clients Achieve Greater Profitability Through “Brains & Brawn” Collaboration

Posted by Pat Miller on Feb 8, 2021 8:41:00 AM

EES blog brains and brawnAmid pandemic travel restrictions, EES partners with regional system integrators to achieve energy savings for clients across the U.S.

EES has a unique operating methodology which allows the company to take on large and physically distant projects while maintaining the design, installation and support excellence they are known for. EES calls it “brains & brawn.”
As specialists in the design of energy-saving building management systems (BMS) as well as transportation control systems, EES has developed specialized expertise in the four-plus decades the company has been in operation. To help clients achieve profitability goals, EES partners with other members of the Control System Integrator’s Association (CSIA) to design and engineer building management system improvements which reduce operation and utility costs and increase plant efficiency. EES brings the specialized BMS controls knowledge and experience (“brains”) to the equation, retaining focus on engineering and design, partnering with “brawn,” local CSIA-member system integration talent in the client’s region for the installation and maintenance of systems.

“Developing working relationships with other system integrators is mutually beneficial,” said Bruce Marson, president of EES. “By using our specialized knowledge of BMS controls, our CSIA partners can deepen their client relationships by offering extended services and substantial cost savings on building operation expenses.” Strategic partnerships often work in both directions, with EES becoming the “brawn” for partner SI projects in the New York / New Jersey metropolitan area. Both entities retain their customer relationship and IP so much to gain and very little risk from a partnership.

EES-engineered building management systems increase efficiency and reduce operational and utility costs for conditioned spaces. Annual savings range from 10-30% or more, providing a quick ROI for the project. The ROI is both estimated by comparing the facility to similar locations and calculated after analyzing current energy use patterns.
The process begins with gathering benchmark measurements and an analysis of the facility’s current equipment and pattern of energy use. Comparing the current use to EES’ standards helps determine the potential for lowering operating costs. This drives the focus of the engineering to design and document actions that will jump start the client on their journey to greater profits.

EES designs optimization routines to lower owning and operating costs, encompassing:

  • Lighting
  • Demand control
  • HVAC optimization (weather- and occupancy-driven)
  • Predictive maintenance (based on efficiency)
  • Adding intelligence (for new devices to lower incoming energy)
    • Solar
    • Wind
    • Thermal storage
    • Shading

Clients in a wide variety of industries can improve profitability by optimizing their BMS:

  • Food and beverageEES case studies snip
  • Boiler experts – heating complex
  • Pharmaceutical – manufacturing plants
  • HVAC experts – chillers, pumps, air side
  • Automotive plants
  • Hospitals – beds, assisted living, institutes
  • Hospitality – casino, hotel, resorts
  • Academics – schools, university campuses
  • Commercial real estate – office, R&D
  • Mechanical/electrical/commissioning – engineering

With the company’s vast experience with building management systems, EES is in a unique position assist partner system integrator firms further penetrate their clients. Strategic partnerships assist clients in achieving greater profitability by maximizing building management efficiency. Check out our case studies to find out more.

Please contact us to learn how your facility can lower operating and utility expenses with a quick return on investment.

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