Peter Moskal's Travels: Turtle Rethink Expo

Posted by Peter Moskal on Jul 7, 2023 11:28:40 AM

The latest on Vice President of Production Pete Moskal’s travels to the Turtle Rethink Expo

I traveled to East Rutherford, NJ to attend the Turtle Rethink 2023: A Supplier Expo and Networking Event. This expo is dedicating to showcasing select vendors and solutions in renewables, energy storage, energy efficiency, and more.

Turtle being one of the largest privately held electrical and industrial distributors and certified women owed business. Girl Power.

This trip was not only for me, but our VP of Engineering Dan Luna. As with most expos they had a few booths that dealt with lighting, wire, installation materials and hand tools for typical electrical installations. Although this is important, this is not what we went for.

We went to see the new Allen Bradley equipment like the FLEXHA 5000 I/O. This new platform allows safety I/O and process I/O to be mounted in the same rack. EtherNet/IP is now 1 GB, this means higher speed and a larger bandwidth. Multiple network type PRP, DLR, Linear and Star. It can also take 24 I/O modules in a single rack node. Now all we need is a fun new project to apply it to. Looking forward to that!

Be sure to tune into Peter's next trip: the 2023 CSIA Executive Conference in New Orleans, LA. 

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