Peter Moskal's Travels: Indoor Ag-Con

Posted by Peter Moskal on May 2, 2023 1:26:31 PM

Where is PeteThe latest on Vice President of Production Pete Moskal’s travels to the Indoor Ag-Con

One might ask ‘why would EES want to attend an agriculture conference?’, as that seems like a different industry from our normal work. I attended because it is a new market for EES!

Back in 2022, in Denver CO, at the CSIA Executive Conference, David Chakmakjian from Miller Resource Group and I were discussing different industries and markets. During our conversation, agriculture came up. We talked about how EES could be a good fit for the emerging market of indoor agriculture due to our years of building environmental control and pharmaceutical lab.

After the conference, I was put into contact with a company called Hoogendoorn America. Hoogendoorn creates sustainable and user-friendly automation solutions for every kind of horticultural business worldwide.

The Indoor Ag-Con in Las Vegas, NV

This year I traveled to Vegas for the Indoor Ag-Con to see our friends at Hoogendoorn, as well as to explore what was happening in the industry and see what solutions gaps EES could help fill.

At the Hoogendoorn booth I met with William, Ryder, and Stephen. I learned about how they have teamed up with to offer more services to their clients. Hoogendoorn, being one of the top growth management systems the IIVO, was truly impressive. It was great to see how effective they are at increasing yield while still being energy efficient. At EES we are all about climate friendly, efficient solutions – it was great to meet with a team that shares that passion!

One of my biggest takeaways from this conference was that the indoor agriculture industry needs our help to make sure that they are getting a product that both works correctly and achieves strong yields as well as being energy efficient. This is something EES can offer to all indoor growing facilities. After all, “WE STOP THE WASTE”.

Next on my travel list: Turtle Rethink Expo held by Turtle & Hughes.

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